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MATRIC RESULTS :  Class of 2022

100% pass rate

Out of a possible 96 subject A’s, we scored 43 subject A’s (44.7%)

Of the 16 Learners, 7 Learners achieved an A aggregate

Well done to our top 2 learners, Ethan Williams and Amir Dollie, who each scored 7 distinctions. Ethan Williams is our top learner with an aggregate of 87.3%.

We congratulate all our 2022 students (and their parents), as well as our Matric teachers on the excellent 2022 results!

MATRIC RESULTS :  Class of 2021

100% pass  and 100% Bachelors pass

Out of a possible 132 subject As, Michael Oak students attained 44 subject As and 48 subject Bs, giving us a total of 92 subjects scored between 70 and 100%

Four of our learners achieved an A aggregate:

Tom Foster (our Dux student) with an average of 87,1%

Ella Swart with an average of 82,5%

Aadam Ernest with an average of 81,5%

Vulikhaya Mthembu-Salter with an average of 80,2%

Special mention:  Lily Esterhuizen who achieved 99% for Art.

Congratulations to all our 2021 students (and their parents!) and our matric teachers on the excellent 2021 results!

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