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About Michael Oak Waldorf School

Michael Oak Waldorf School has over 400 pupils at Nursery, Primary and High school levels including matric. The school occupies a hectare of rambling grounds in quiet surroundings, close to Kenilworth station in Cape Town.

The school is founded on the principles of Steiner education, which at its core focuses teaching around the needs of the growing child rather than the needs of a dictated curriculum.

Michael Oak is a registered independent school and a member of the Independent Schools Association in South Africa (ISASA).

The school is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising parents and teachers. The College of Teachers serves the pedagogical needs of the school and essentially fulfils the role of school principal.

There are sixteen Waldorf schools in South Africa registered with the S.A. Federation of Waldorf Schools, and well over 1000 of these schools throughout the world, with many opening every year.

Education for the world of tomorrow

Michael Oak Waldorf School seeks to awaken the whole child towards creative responsibility, developing confident, balanced individuals empowered to work with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Michael Oak is a diverse coeducational school from Playgroup to Matric. It is one of 16 Waldorf Schools in South Africa and more than 1000 worldwide. Established in 1962, Michael Oak has around 430 pupils at Nursery, Primary and High school levels situated on our campus in the heart of Kenilworth, Cape Town.​

Beginning in the Nursery, in a welcoming and beautiful environment, the children’s days are filled with artistic and practical work, imaginative play, fairy tales, music, circle games and healthy outdoor play. Although there is no formal intellectual work at this stage, the children acquire numerous skills that provide a firm foundation for on-going development.

The Primary School and High School draw on an internationally successful Waldorf curriculum designed to meet the child’s emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs at each age. Based on a profound understanding of human nature, the curriculum covers all the required subjects and is adapted to our African context. The “main lesson” system allows each subject to be explored in depth over several weeks, including practical activities such as Grade 3 growing their own vegetable garden and Grade 10 doing survey work as an introduction to trigonometry. Lessons are enlivened with movement and artistic activities and find a balance between absorbing knowledge and demonstrating what has been learned.

The High School provides challenges and exposure to business, civic and social responsibilities, many imaginative and creative tasks and unique opportunities for personal growth and the pursuit of academic excellence, acquiring all the skills required for tertiary education.

We honour the different spiritual backgrounds of our students, while also nurturing interconnectedness and community. Art, drama, music, craft and movement are all valued aspects of the curriculum. Our sport includes: basketball, TAG, table tennis, volleyball, dance and tennis.

“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.”

Rudolf Steiner
Founder, Waldorf School movement

“For every one step that you take in the pursuit of higher knowledge, take three steps in the perfection of your own character.”

Rudolf Steiner
Founder, Waldorf School movement

“Activities demanding manual and bodily skill, such as knitting, leads to the enhancement of the faculty of judgement.”

Rudolf Steiner
Founder, Waldorf School movement
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