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Extramural Activities

The Waldorf curriculum promotes physical activity, music, drama, arts and crafts within the curriculum itself. Michael Oak also offers a program of extra-mural and sports activities, within the school itself and with external facilitators and facilities.

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High School Volleyball

Annual handball tournament

High School Volleyball

Grade 7 Play, Momo



Michael Oak does not have extensive sports fields. However, the sports program has grown considerably in the past few years. Basketball, volleyball, gym, table tennis, are among those offered on the school grounds. Many of our sports pupils also partake in community leagues.

Sports & Extramurals (A) – Activities hosted by the school in terms of managing the coaches, purchasing the necessary equipment and monitoring attendance. The fees for these programmes are now included in your school account.

Sports & Extramurals (B) – Activities offered by outside coaches and facilitators. We host these activities on the school grounds. The management of these activities is dealt with by the specific facilitators of each programme and not by the school itself.

Arts, Drama and Music

Arts, drama and music are an integral part of the curriculum so are not really regarded as extramural. However, beyond the classroom, the school does have a full-time piano teacher and where there are sufficient pupils for any other particular instrument the school will endeavour to secure a teacher. The renowned Beau Soleil Music School is nearby, and many of our pupils who do wish to study music and ensemble playing further do so there.

Class 6 Greek Olympics

Class 6 Greek Olympics

Class 5 Play: The Homecoming of Odysseus

“The sensory world is the school, without which the human being would never come to the spirit.”

Rudolf Steiner
Waldorf School Founder

“Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.”

Rudolf Steiner
Founder, Waldorf School movement

“Michael Oak gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams while staying true to myself.”

Cara Paul
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