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Ruth, Troy and I have had a very busy past few years! Ruth has followed her passions of photography and ceramics! She has built her own dark room for film photography and will also begin working for an amazing local film company within the next month. She has also been creating beautiful ceramics which she will soon begin to sell.
A couple of years ago she went to Norway for 3 months and au paired as well as learnt to be a sky dive instructor.
After matric, I started working in social media marketing and now have 6 clients I freelance for full time doing their social media, marketing, sales and business developemnet. Some of these include Instant Pot South Africa, Sea & Shore jewellery, Shelley Maisel Ceramics, Let it Rain Films etc. I am also taking a full time post-grad degree at Red & Yellow in Marketing and Advertising Communications.
Troy, who I am still dating all these years later, taught himself to become a website developer and is now working as a developer for a large advertsing agency.
Earlier this year, Ruth and I started our own business called Monthly. Which is a business selling period boxes. Here is a little blurb about our business:
‘Monthly. is passionate about redefining your cyclical period experience through education, tips, humour, connection and our Monthly. period boxes.
Our monthly, subscription and first period boxes will be filled with self-care necessities. These include organic period essentials, fabulous handcrafted feel-good products, local artworks, tips, information about your monthly flow and much more!
It’s time to start getting excited for (or at least embrace) THAT time of month and we are here to help! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join a community of like-minded cyclical humans who CARE!’
Our aim is to offer education and support for women and their cyclical experience.
Troy built our website, you can check it out here:
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