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My name is Finn Esterhuizen. I matriculated at Michael Oak in 2016.
My class 12 project was based on EP music and sound production and I chose to continue in this field after matric. I studied Sound Engineering at SAE Cape Town, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Arts (specialising in post production and composition).

During my final year we were required to do an internship in the sound engineering field. I was really fortunate to be offered an internship at The Refinery, a post-production studio that caters for both international and local media productions. As an intern, I was able get amazing opportunities to work with big productions, such as the Netflix documentary: ‘My Octopus Teacher’. Working on real productions alongside the best in the business was invaluable. On completing my internship at The Refinery, I was offered a position as a freelance engineer to work permanently at the studio – specifically with Audio One. I now work there full time, on multiple productions. I switch between Netflix jobs, and local and international television films and series. Productions which I have worked on include SYFY’s television series ‘Vagrant Queen’, a South African Netflix limited series coming up, as well as multiple movies on local television, including ‘Kaalgat Karel’.

I specialize in foley, which involves recording any natural sounds which you may find in a film, such as footsteps, picking up and putting down objects, movement of clothing and more footsteps! I’ve even had to record varieties of Silence! On each project I first spend time ‘spotting’ and ‘marking’ each action throughout the film. Then I work with a foley artist to record all the sounds in studio. From there I edit and make sure each of the sounds is properly timed and in place. I will spend anywhere from 4 to 12 days on a full-length movie. While much of the work requires me to work independently, the close teamwork is dynamic. It really is something to work closely and meticulously on a production with a team – each person collaborating and bringing their specialist skills to the project. And what a thrill to see your name rolling in the credits and know that you contributed in your own specialist way.

Finn Esterhuizen

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