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Michael Oak has waiting lists throughout our classes. Parents are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible. If you have any queries please give us a call, or email info@michaeloak.org.za


Our Application Process

1. The Paperwork (plus Application Fee)

(You can download the relevant documents on the right, or get them from school reception.)

  • Complete both sides of the general application form, answer all the questions and make sure that the form is signed.
  • An application administration fee of R500 must accompany the application – please note that this fee is not refundable.
  • For applications for Primary, Middle and High school, a copy of your child’s most recent report must accompany the application (not originals please).
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate must be included.
  • There are two extra application forms for the High school, for completion by both parents and pupils. There is also a section to be completed by the current teacher, to be sent to us direct.
  • Copies of any medical, psychological or therapists’ reports and/or assessments, if there are any, must be sent.
  • A letter of motivation from you, giving your reasons for applying to send your child to Michael Oak, and giving a picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

2. What Happens Next?

  • When there is the possibility of a place in the class, the teacher will review the applications on the waiting list with the Faculty, before authorising an interview with your child and you (we do not interview if the class is full, but will keep your application on our waiting list for the year).
  • A credit check will be made.
  • A screening by our remedial teacher is required for children going into Class 1, and may be requested for other primary school grades.
  • Acceptance is not guaranteed. Subsequent to the interview, the application will be reviewed by the faculty meeting, taking into account the needs of the class as a whole, as well as the needs of the applying child, before making a decision on acceptance. The application may even be referred to the College of Teachers in need.
  • There will be a short financial interview with the Bursar.
  • You will be notified in writing if your child has been accepted.
  • On acceptance, a non-refundable placement fee of R3500 is payable in order to secure the place, and you will need to sign an Acceptance of Place agreement.