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Michael Oak Waldorf School is based on a foundation of strong parent involvement and teachers who are passionate about educating children.

The school is governed by an active Board of Trustees comprising both parents and teachers. The Board acts in accordance with the terms of the Notarial Trust Deed of the Michael Oak School Association.

The College of Teachers serves the pedagogical needs of the school, guiding the application of the Steiner curriculum in a modern and changing world. College effectively serve the role of school principal, managing the day-to-day running of the school, the teaching resources and the learning environment.

A number of sub-committees comprising parents, teachers and staff, have key responsibilities to ensure responsible and sustainable governance, and the smooth running of the school. The sub-committees are accountable to Trustees and College.

Different Working Groups with more specific mandates report into the various sub-committees.

The Teachers in each school faculty, Nursery, Primary and High School, regulary meet and report through to College.

The Class Links are parents elected by each class annually, who act as the primary channel of communication between parents, the class teacher and the school.The Links Working Group is an important body who meet as a collective and report to both Trustees and College.

Each of the above groups of parents and teachers are filled with people putting in time and effort to make the school work. Each is a vital part of the whole, contributing to a vibrant and very special school community .

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Organogram Overview: